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Web design Luton by Web wants.

Are you looking for a website ?

Want to take advantage of the huge potential of the online market with your new e-shop or company b2b website?

Web design Luton

Through your new website or online store, you will be able to reach an unlimited number of customers – regardless of the language, distance or geographical location of your users

Combined with the right high-end SEO services, your online presence can become a fundamental factor in your development in the coming years. Don’t miss the great opportunity that gives you the opportunity to catch up or even overtake your competition and take over its market share, becoming a leader in your sector!

New users who didn’t know you existed until yesterday are looking at your products or services today, and will be back tomorrow to buy them.


We do not just offer web design Luton and website design Luton , we offer online vision and philosophy for your business!

Not just text and pictures, concocted quickly and at the lowest possible price to publish on the Internet, but a complex solution that you can safely call your online corporate identity. An identity with which you position yourself in front of your clients and partners.

Right now?! Why immediately? Because every second you lose in hesitation and uncertainty about the prospects for your business in practice represents lost profits and lost profits. Yes, your profits.

Look boldly into the future, believe in your dreams and ideas, as well as in yourself, and adapt to the new reality that the Internet has provided to business, thanks to your company website!

Web design in Luton
Overall Marketing
Marketing - Facebook ads, Instagram ads

Great Service,

Web developer Luton

Corporate Look

Modern vision with an emphasis on key details
The modern vision is not just about the visual part of the site, but represents the character, inspiration, emotion and feeling that the user associates with your business. We are proud to sign under each of our websites, just like an artist who is proud of his work.

More Sales

Effective Consumer Experience Practices (UX)
By creating a specific web solution, we provide our ideas for an optimal user experience (User Experience), including in terms of optimising the sales process that all users go through in your new site or store.

Mobile Users

Responsive design for mobile devices
A fundamental component in creating a website is to define its marketing personas and the devices they use. Each of our projects has an adaptive design included in the price and guarantees access to users, both from computers and laptops, and from tablets and smartphones.

A customer award trusted web design company Luton

Functional solutions for the future of your business
We create functional web solutions with a focus on your users to maximize your future profits, because unlike the classic web studio, we are experts in the field of SEO & Google Ads and as such we know that the new site is just the beginning.

Easy content management system

Intuitive content management system
The content management system (CMS) takes care of the easy change of information on the site and allows you to easily update prices, pages, photos and texts, even with minimal technical training, when it’s time for changes in the business.

Security for you and your clients

Improved security measures for more trust
There is no 100% secure site, but there are more vulnerable and harder to compromise websites. We suggest you stop being an easy target for malicious actions, and improve the security of your site so as not to give everyone a chance to discredit your business.

We offer you website development, web design Luton, online store or optimisation, quality and fast within a few days at very good prices!

And most importantly: You don’t have to understand our work. We will tell you exactly what to provide us to make your site. We have over 50 successfully implemented sites.


Final Result

100% Quality Guarantee
We provide a guarantee for each project in order to eliminate any malfunction (bug), without paying a single pound. We always provide 100% transparency and informed choice for our partners, because we know that you trust us completely and you are our best advertisement.


Objective Pricing - Web design Luton

Reasonable prices for website development.
We all know the old adage that the satisfaction of the low price lasts much shorter than the disappointment of the end result. We provide quality and short lead times, and this costs the appropriate technical resource, because we have completed hundreds of “cheap” sites over the years.

Short deadlines

Exclusively Short Terms

Shortened deadlines
Among the top reasons customers recommend us is the speed with which we work. For us, time is money, just like for you. Delaying an extraordinary web project is not profitable for us and we always strive to be ready in a shorter time – this is exactly what you expect from us and that is why you have chosen Webwants.


Web designer Luton & Expertise

Professional expertise.
The wide range of problems we have solved for our clients over the years gives us in-depth expertise in website development, which supports the implementation of working online solutions. Thanks to this fact, you get the results you expect from us faster, because we know that time is money, just like you, and no one likes to miss out on benefits.


Dynamic Experience

Adaptability & Experience
The ultimate goal of your site should be defined by your requirements for us, which allows us to adapt to the sector, market and specifics of the project and its needs. We will advise you on the most effective approach according to the ultimate goal of the project, so that you do not waste unnecessary budget on things that you do not need at an earlier stage.


Long-term Partnerships

Loyalty & Responsibility
Our goal is not just to sell you a website at a good price and abandon you. Our goal is to provide adequate follow-up service so that you know who to rely on if change is needed. To let you know who to rely on when needed – Webwants is always there for you to upgrade the extra functionality your growing business needs.

Web services

Our mission is to make a successful presentation of your business on the Internet. Creating a website with a modern design, appropriate functionality adapted for your business, fast loading and optimized content. These are the key factors in achieving top positions in Google search.

That is why we offer a fully completed service and we will take care of everything:


Web design
Website optimization
Enter content on a website
Domain and hosting


Your website and online store will be compatible with all the most popular social networks, payment systems used in UK, warehousing software, hosting companies.


It is possible to make any additional integrations with external software on an individual basis.


Web design price package

5 pages

Included hosting 1yr

Included domain (.com)

Unique and beautiful design

3 email accounts



Creating an online store or website
Website Design Luton

Email: info@webwants.co.uk


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