Stages of web development London

  • Planning – ideas, goals and strategy for achieving the goals, technical specification of the website
  • Website design / development – choice of design, colors, programming of functionalities
  • Entering content and publishing the website on the Internet
  • Website Promotion – Providing visitors with a marketing strategy for advertising and SEO optimization
  • Website maintenance and development – introduction of new content and updating of the old, technical support and hosting

Our goals:

Website development is a web service aimed at small, medium and large companies:
  1. presentation on the Internet – now almost every business has a website, maybe 14% of companies do not have…
  2. for contact information, such as “electronic / online / internet business card” – to find you from all over the world, in different languages
  3. to present products that you produce or simply resell – product catalog
  4. to present services – as the site of the building agency (current site)
  5. to sell products – you will now need not just a website, but also an “e-internet online store site”
  6. to sell services – usually this is more specific (individual) and may be more expensive than others, but fully or partially automate the whole process
  7. to create a brand (brand) and promote it on (and off) the Internet, through a website and advertising campaigns… to  be found by your company name and product brand
  8. to be found in search engines by product and service name (eg “making a site price”) – you need SEO (SEO) site optimization for search engines (Google and Bing most often)
  9. other purposes… for site development
  10. and most importantly – to benefit from the realization of each of these goals listed above.
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